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Empowering Women Through Skills and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Skylit Center, a flagship women empowerment program by UCESCO – Africa. Located in Kayole, Skylit Center serves as a hub where women come together to learn, create, and empower each other.

About Skylit Center

Skylit Center is a dynamic community initiative aimed at empowering women through skills training and entrepreneurship. Here, women gather to engage in various activities such as clothing production and beauty services. What makes Skylit Center unique is its emphasis on peer-to-peer learning and international volunteer engagement, fostering a supportive environment for skill development and knowledge exchange

What we do

Beauty Salon

In addition to clothing production, Skylit Center hosts a beauty salon where women offer a range of beauty services to the community. From hairstyling and makeup application to skincare treatments and spa therapies, women showcase their skills and expertise while building thriving businesses. Through peer mentorship and international volunteer assistance, women at Skylit Center continuously enhance their abilities and stay abreast of industry trends

Clothing Production

At Skylit Center, women harness their creativity and talent to produce high-quality clothing items. Through collaborative efforts and shared expertise, they not only create beautiful garments but also generate income to support themselves and their families. With the support of international volunteers, women receive additional training and guidance, enhancing their skills and expanding their opportunities in the fashion industry


To further support women financially, Skylit Center facilitates merry-go-rounds—a traditional savings and lending scheme. Through merry-go-rounds, women pool their resources, providing each member with a lump sum of money on a rotating basis. This financial support enables women to invest in their businesses, education, and personal development, fostering economic independence and resilience within the community..

Get Involved

You can support the empowering work of Skylit Center by volunteering your time, donating resources, or contributing to our merry-go-rounds initiative. Together, we can continue to empower women, transform lives, and build stronger communities..

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