Together we to transform the lives of vulnerable in the society

UCESCO Africa, from the year 2021 has consistently been actively involved in improving the
education system in marginalized areas (Slum areas) in order to ensure they provide access to
good and affordable education to vulnerable students in these areas.
Project locality areas include: Kibera, Mathare and Kayole.
Below is a table representation of the projects under the Education segment. 


Name of School

New Horizons secondary school

Peggy Lucas Centre

Shining Hope

Total Students as of 2023

Total Students:  161        70 boys & 91 girls. From form one
to form four.

Total Students: 161
Comprising of:
3 boys and
3 girls

Total Students: 276
consisting of:
Playgroup, PP1, PP2 and Grade 1-5

Total Students: 46
25 boys and 21
consisting of:
PP1, PP2 and
Grade 1.

Total Students sponsored by Us as of 2023

Total Students: 6
Comprising of:
3 boys and
3 girls

Total Students: 92
Comprising of:
45 boys and
47 girls

Total Students: 6
Comprising of:
4 boys and
2 girls

Nature of Students
  • Orphans
  • Single parented
  • Both parents are present but very needy.
Students residence

All students in the school come from the Kibera Slums.

All students
are from Kibera Slums apart from one student residing in Kawangware who’s parent works in Kibera.

All Students are from Mathare Slums.

Students joined university

The year 2021, seven
students managed to go to university with the following scores: B(2), B-(4) and C+(1).
The year 2022, three
students managed to join university with the
following grades:     B(1) and C+(2).



Samburu school construction project

Under Education we also have Samburu Construction project that we are aiming to build a school for samburu kids. Learn more…

Arise Youth Ignite Program

Our mission is  to promote positive youth development. Together we can empower the world’s young people to secure economic independence, create their own opportunities, and realize a brighter future. Learn more…

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