Donate a Meal for the Children

Over 1 million meals provided since 2010

Join a community of donors that are dedicated in transforming the lives of children in the slums/marginalized areas we are serving. Due to underweight, poor parental care, and children dying because of malnutrition, Necessitated UCESCO to start the program to feed the kids. This is the only meal they depend on to keep them going.  Currently we provide two meals a day.


Provides a single meal to a child


Feeds a child for a year


Feeds a child for a month


Will feed 4 children for a year

Kibera & Mathare Slum

You can participate by buying:

10 Bundles of flour per month=, $ 100

50kgs of Meat per month= $ 80

50kgs of Minji (Beans) per month = $ 90

Cooking Carrots per rmonth= $30

Cooking Potatoes per month= $50

Cooking Tomatoes per month= $ 20

125 kg of Rice per month = $ 150

Cooking Garlic per month = $ 10

Cooking Ginger per month = $ 10

cooking Soy Sauce per month = $ 30

Cooking Charcoal (fire) per month = $ 50

Balloon (once per month. They love playing with balloons)= $ 30

Face Painting 0nce a month to feel loved and have fun = $ 80

House rent per month for the homeless kids = $ 160

Fresh Drinking water per month = $ 45

3 balls (sometimes they need to play)= $ 30

No matter how much you can afford to give, you can have massive impact in these children.

Join us on the Mission!

To end child hunger
Give on purpose!

We all subscribe to services we enjoy—you can as well be intentional with your donation in the same way.

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