Together we can transform the lives of vulnerable in the society

Do you have a passion for marine conservation? you can become an ocean clean-up volunteer with us and provide vital support to protect threatened marine species. Join us

UCESCO-Africa Shelly Beach Marine conservation Team

The prevalence of waste in the marine and coastal environment is a worldwide environmental problem and a growing concern. our organization has galvanized communities and students to collect trash that pollutes our waterways, making our coasts cleaner and our ocean healthier not only at the ocean beaches but at the stormwater drains and Lakes leading to the Ocean.  We are also extending our invitation to international volunteers to join us and help in cleaning the ocean that we are serving. We also do Educational campaigns in the schools around the ocean by teaching them about environment conservation and swimming classes and ocean literacy lessons which will involve our international volunteers. It’s a unique opportunity for international volunteers to explore the city and the communities we are serving

Why Mombasa?

Mombasa, Kenya’s vibrant coastal city, offers a rich tapestry of attractions and meaningful volunteer opportunities. Visitors can explore historical sites like the UNESCO-listed Fort Jesus, stroll through the charming Old Town with its Swahili architecture, and enjoy nature at Haller Park, a rehabilitated ecological haven. The Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve is perfect for snorkelers and divers, while the Mamba Village Centre provides an educational experience with crocodiles. Relax on the serene Nyali Beach or dive into the local culture and environment through impactful volunteer programs

Volunteer Opportunities in Mombasa

Your trip to Mombasa can be more than just a holiday; it can be a journey to make a real difference in the community. Our organization offers various volunteer programs that allow you to contribute meaningfully while experiencing the local culture:

  1. Child of Mercy Children Home:

    • This orphanage provides a safe haven for children in need. Volunteers can assist with daily activities, educational support, and emotional care, helping to create a nurturing environment for the children.
  2. Marine Conservation Projects:

    • Join efforts to protect and preserve Mombasa’s marine ecosystems. Volunteers can participate in beach clean-ups, coral reef restoration, and environmental education programs aimed at sustaining marine biodiversity.
  3. Women’s Agricultural Groups:

    • Support local women’s groups engaged in sustainable agriculture. Volunteers can help with farming activities, provide training on modern agricultural practices, and assist in developing market strategies to enhance the women’s economic independence.

By volunteering in Mombasa, you not only help improve the lives of local residents but also gain invaluable experiences and insights into Kenyan culture. Your efforts can leave a lasting impact on the community and the environment, making your travel truly meaningful.

Come to Mombasa to explore its attractions, immerse yourself in its rich heritage, and contribute to its future. Together, we can make a difference.

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