Agriculture is divided into Go Green and Eco Farm

Eco Farm

Through this project, UCESCO Africa, is working to bring awareness and training the
community in food production and environment conservation. The project was executed in 2022
July within Nairobi County. In this, we liaise with international volunteers, well-wishers and friends to support different schools and communities in increasing food security and environment conservation. We have managed to support Kibera primary and  Tree side Special School, Kasarani Nairobi by growing vegetables and fruits in the school garden. The garden has helped to provide food for the school and improved the school’s food security. Tree side School being a school for special needs, we found it is such a sensitive institution that needs good food security and special diet. This sensitivity drew our attention and desire to support in food security to meet their food demands for the students with the special cases. The future target of the project is to increase on food security with the schools. This will go along way to improving food security.

Go Green

This is a project under the agriculture segment. This project entails tree planting as its main project activity with an aim of promoting positive climate change.
Last year, April 17th, UCESCO Africa together with MKU Environmental Club planted a total of 50 trees at Thika High School Chapel. On 8 TH October 2022, UCESCO Africa was able to plant 100 trees at Tree side Special School in Kasarani. In UCESCO’S 2023 calendar of events, LETS GO GREEN PROJECT is set to take place twice i.e., on 11th March and 5th August 2023, targeting to plant more than 500 trees in support of the Kenyan governments goal to plant a billion trees each year for the next five years.

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