From South Carolina USA

Dr. Sarah Imam

A Medical Doctor, The Director of Health Sciences at The Citadel Medical College.

Studied in United Kingdom

Dr. Ata ul Haq

A medical Graduate. Worked in the Field of Waste management and sanitation for the last 30 years. A certified waste Manager

From Mexico

Geraldine Corrales

A Product and Tech Director for a Startup dedicated to improving water access in emerging countries.

A French Citizen residing in Paris

Antoine Letessier

A Researcher Worked in high energy astrophysics and cosmology at the national French center of Research.

From Somalia , Mogadishu

Mariam Bulle

Early Childhood Consultant

He’s German, Living in Brazil

Johannes Regniet

Masters in Business Administration. A process Automatic Engineer

From Malawi

Mildred Chirwa

A Humanitarian and Development Professional (international Specialist)

From Switzerland

Rolf Claude

An Engineering Manager and Consultant in the field of aircraft and railway maintenance/design and engineering, life cycle management, innovation and organization development

From Ethiopia

Solomon Abebe

European Register of ECP Holders( ECP-R), An EMDR Therapist, Licensed Counselling Psychologist. Certified Trainer of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy. A Researcher in Psychotherapy Science Founder and Managing Director of Hasset Psychotherapy and Training Centre.

From Johannesburg, South Africa.

Malcom Whitehouse

A Business Development and Compliance Manager for AST- Recycling- Africa. Diploma in Ministry and Christian Faith and Road Freight Management.

From Alabania

Valbona Cakeri

A financial Economist Graduate Worked for 26 years in a bank and Financial Institution

From Germany

Paulina Schulte-Vels

Psychology Bachelor and Business Economics Master

From United States of America

Cassandra Neitling

A graduate of Havard University with Masters in Biology A professor in Micro-Biology

From Paris, France.

Luciano Lebre

Former manager of UCESCO Africa in 2021. Sustainability consultant specialized in climate and energy issues. Certified Bilan Carbone®

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