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meera`s meal drive

Hello, I’m Meera Pratiksha. Witnessing the struggles of children in Kibera, Mathare, and the marginalized areas of Samburu, I was inspired to come up with an idea. I aim to collect funds to provide meals for these children, ensuring they can stay in school without the burden of hunger

My involvement with UCESCO has been deeply meaningful. I’m reaching out to kindly request your support by contributing a small amount, ensuring that our children have access to food while at school. Our goal is to provide meals for 250 children. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your support


Children in Kibera & MathAre Slums and samburu

In the sprawling slums of Kibera, Mathare, and the marginalized reaches of Samburu, the echoes of hunger drown the dreams of countless children. Today, we implore you to stand with us in rewriting their narrative through the UCESCO Food Drive.

Why Your Support Matters:

In the shadows of these slums, families grapple with the harsh reality of food scarcity. Many children lay down to sleep with empty stomachs, their aspirations stifled by the pangs of hunger.

Education, the beacon of hope, is under siege. Hunger should never be a barrier to learning, but for these children, it is. Your donation can dismantle this barrier, ensuring they have the vigor and concentration to excel in their studies.

Your contribution transcends mere sustenance; it is a catalyst for resilience. You are empowering these children to face adversities with strength, reminding them that in this vast world, there are caring hearts attuned to their struggle.

Funding target: 1.500,- USD

Funding progress
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