UCESCO Network is a grassroots movement that is providing an overarching structure to organize women groups, university students, volunteers and community members to come together, become leaders within their own communities, and effectively advocate for their rights and organize activities of giving back to their community.

We use a bottom-up approach with groups at the village level as the lowest tier. UCESCO’s current programs provide a comprehensive structure through which communities can be actively involved in the enhancement of parks and green-space in their areas of residence. By collaborating with a broad range of constituents, including area residents, community groups, other non-profits, real estate developers, and city leaders, UCESCO’s effort shows a tangible difference in both the aesthetics and function of nature.

We continue to facilitate community groups and peer-to-peer savings networks to create an entrepreneurial investment fund for businesses, and micro-life insurance to mitigate the risks of unexpected death that can devastate family finances. We also improve parks and greenspace through community advocacy, volunteerism, and small capital improvement to the village environment. Conservation areas include farmland, forests, rivers, and streams through which we will transform Africa. 

At least 115,234 community members have benefited from the women we have empowered to date. The communities we serve ultimately reap the many benefits associated with UCESCO Network projects such as increased property values, improved health, and decreased crime.

UCESCO is looking forward to awarding twenty-four groups every year to support environmental improvements within their community, create new fountains and flowerbeds, community garden, picnic areas, the renovation of some public parks, recreational centres, an educational nature trail, and numerous landscaping projects. One way of improving a health living environment is to reduce unnecessary exposure to diseases and at the same time give groups opportunities to earn from hosting events like parties, weddings, picnics and many more income generating opportunities.