Over all my travelling to Kenya was the greatest experience of my life. At first I was really scared of travelling alone but after going there and experiencing everything myself, I can honestly say that this was one of the best trips of my life. I was forced to trust complete strangers and they turned out to be the kindest people ever and became like a family to me. I was losing the comfort of my home but I found comfort everywhere I went.

Waad Ahmed


This was my very first virtual volunteer task I’ve done out of my country, far from my continent and I’m very happy and thankful for this opportunity UCESCO had given me. I was welcome very warmly, and I was in charge of social medias updates, Design, Resource mobilization and Broadcasting. The organization was very open with my ideas and artworks and in the process I was able to learn a lot. Looking forward for a longer partnership with this organization.
Krish Villanueva
From papua new guinea
Volunteering with UCESCO has been a wonderful moment in my life. Youth advocacy in health, environment and peace. Working close with my mentor Kingsley in peace advocacy in Great Lakes as well as implementing Sustainable Development Goals from grassroots to regional level.
Peter Mmbando
From Tanzania
I volunteered with Ucesco as a programs facilitator and guider of fellow volunteers. I liked the experience. All persons are treated equal and helped to develop the heart of volunteerism, serving others and Developing own self through service to others. I would recommend this to all those who wish to volunteer through UCESCO to do so with no worries.
Zakayo Gatare
From Canada
I am not sure what I had in mind when I applied and got accepted by UCESCO to volunteer in Nairobi, but I am certainly sure that it is the best decision I have ever made. During the days we were in Nairobi, I wanted to volunteer as a dentist in Kibera, and we decided that KIBERA HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT MEDICAL CLINIC is the right place to give free dental care for patients of Kibera. We worked with two local dentists; they shared with us their experiences and details of dental care they offer in the clinic.
Vildane Ismaili
It's wonderful to be able to support peoples from my home I volunteered as a web developer I try all my best to update UCESCO website every time. I feel I'm one of the family of UCESCO even though I don't visit Kenya yet.
Aymen Isfiaya
From Tunisia
It there is one thing I love about you this organization is how acceptable, understanding and helpful it is. This organization needs to continue to move up in order to aspire other organizations and help change the world.
Aremu Deborah
From Nigeria
I was in charge of trainings and Social Media management. I have been working on women empowerment, health and awareness related projects with several foundations since almost 6.5 years now, but when I Joined UCESCO Kenya, the experience was totally different. I already feel like I belong to this place and after the completion of my volunteer period. I will miss working with them. I wish the whole UCESO Kenya team luck for all the good work they want to do and all current and future volunteers.
Aastha Purohit
From India
It was amazing work with UCESCO! They were super easy to work with and it is clear they genuinely care about the people they help and it was an honour to be able to be involved with that.
Daniel McManus
From United Kingdom
Kenya is the best country I’ve been to in terms of people, food, nature, culture. It’s just amazing how different and captivating that country is. I fell in love with every person I met there, with food, with landscapes. I’ve been to more than 20 countries and none of them was as amazing as Kenya. I will never forget crazy matatus, delicious food, and the friendliest people in the whole world.
Nino Gdzelidze
From Georgia