One of the most important ways an individual can make a lifelong difference to a child in our programs is through child sponsorship. By sponsoring a child, your gifts of financial and prayer support will directly help transform the life of a child.

This program provides critical financial and prayer support for children served by our partner.  The funding provides for different needs based on the organization site and includes, but is not limited to support for food, clothing, medical and educational needs, as well as support for the organization to provide better care for the children.  Sponsorship also provides the sponsor with a personal relationship and connection with their child to help them know they are loved.

Sponsorship for a child is $36 a month. Each program we support has varied numbers of children and the needs to support them. We provide single, double or triple sponsorships per child based on those numbers and desperate program needs.  If the program has more than 1 sponsorship available sponsors can commit to becoming a “double” or “triple” sponsor and providing $72 or $108 a month for their child. Many children available for multiple sponsorships have different sponsors. They are so thankful to be loved by more than one sponsor!

As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • A photo and information about your sponsored child.
  • The opportunity to have a personal relationship with your child by writing and receiving letters.
  • The opportunity to travel on a short-term mission trip to meet your child!
  • Annual progress reports with updated photos of your child.

As a sponsor, we ask you to: 

  • Write your child.You can send your letter and attached photos to our email. Once we receive your letter, will be delivered to your child. Letters are a great way to encourage your sponsored child and let them know that someone cares about them. Tell them about yourself, your family and ask about their lives. Please do not make promises to your child.
  • Commit to support your child for one full year.Each of our sponsors commits to a $36/month sponsorship that provides for the daily needs of your sponsored child.


Your gift will be sent directly to the project to help with the costs associated with that child. Actual details of what your sponsorship covers can vary from project to project—from monthly tuition to food and clothing.