Thank you GEM Wellington School Family UAE ( Jonathan Lucus, Laura Emily, Furrah Clark, and Meera )





Education is light and one of the keys to escaping a lifetime cycle of poverty in our communities.
We believe that under no circumstance should any child be subjected to an undesirable school environment. In the communities we are serving, it is heartbreaking that children have had to struggle to choose between enjoying their right to education and maintaining safety. They are forced to study in deplorable conditions and squeeze in tiny temporary structured classrooms which are unable to withstand the rainy season and harsh weather conditions. The few available resources are also shared with many other classmates.

When GEM Wellington School family from United Arab Emirate (UAE) visited us under the leadership of our brother and friend- Jonathan Lucus, it was unfortunate that they witnessed the bad state most of the schools were in, despite our tireless efforts to make them as presentable as possible with the available resources and options at hand. The burden was heavy and having to balance between improving the structures of the school against providing quality education for the children is devastating to say the least. One of the schools was at the verge of closure which would in turn affect a majority of the children who solely depend on our free education and meals.

Jonathan’s team was able to construct two (2) classrooms. The children were more than grateful and depicted joy amid tears and huge smiles. The 2 classrooms are almost complete, with only the floor, corridor, paintwork and furnishing with desks remaining. This gives our unprivileged children hope. Hope makes it possible and hope keeps them moving.

The effects of COVID 19 have impacted us gravely. With the government implementing various directives to curb the fast-spreading virus, it has through the Ministry of Health and Education put out stingent demands and measures to the public. As a result, we need your support in order to meet the demand.

a) Washing points where the students have to wash hands regularly- We are in need of a minimum of 15 water dispensing units.
b) Building of extra classrooms due to social distancing.
c) Soap and sanitizers for the students.
d) Masks for over 2000 students.
e)  Enough toilets for the students.

Our 5-year vision plan includes training the students in Marginalized rural areas and urban slums especially girls, to gain education and skills through Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). We aim to make schools acquire international statuses, whereby students will be able to travel all over the world either in academia or in the sports arena. We also expect to enroll over 5000 students from the community with an intentional goal to reduce the rate of illiteracy amongst the less privileged. This is the change we want to impact on children and strive to motivate and empower them towards becoming the role models that their communities need and desire.


Cathy Keyla is 17 years old in grade Ten. She is the firstborn in a family of three and an Orphan who resides in a Children’s home. She is one of the beneficiaries of our School program, an active member and club leader of UCESCO Panthers Rugby Club. 
 “Now I am happy I will continue to pursue my dream. This is the only school that gives me hope and makes me feel I have a family. Many thanks to Jonathan and all GEM Wellington family UAE for your continued support to our School. We get clothes, food, and now you are constructing two beautiful classes for us. May our mighty God bless you so much John, Furrah, Laura, and Meera. There was too much dodging of lessons because of the state of the School was unhabitable but now our School looks beautiful”. 
“Now, the School has 3 new classes which are almost complete. I pray that the Kitchen, latrines, and library will be improved with more comfortable desks and studying areas, a playground, and more books for revision. I am also praying one day, our School can have a school Bus, especially for UCESCO Panthers Rugby Club to ferry us especially during competitions. I always feel sad when we walk by foot to compete with other schools. We are only lucky when we use public transport. At times I ask God, “Why us?”. When I grow up, I want to help many children and girls like me who have lost hope to gain hope and to acquire Education. Education is the only best gift you can give us to help us and protect us from exploitation, abuse, physical and psychological health risks, unwanted pregnancies, and early marriages. Thank you UCESCO management, our School teachers and Directors who go the extra mile, deep into their pockets to support me when I am in dire need of something urgently especially as a girl. God bless you all”

This is how the School looked when John and his team visited us :


Here is how it looks now. The 3 new classes in building progress and awaiting final finishing , floor, painting and furnishing with new desks to aid in social distance and a comfortable learning environment for our children.

We need you. Our children need us.

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