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UCESCO Africa is a charity Non-Governmental Organization, committed to incrementally and sustainably address poverty amongst vulnerable households located in slums and rural villages. We empower local Women to serve the poor and vulnerable, creating sustainable transformation in their communities.

We empower them, and link them with communities and work towards avenues that generate sustainable income. Bringing new opportunities to build schools, create cooperatives, form community savings schemes, fund micro-businesses, access healthcare, food security, raise school fees; aiming to permanently transform their lives, which will contribute towards the development of Africa as Continent to be a Center of excellence.

Families and individuals within these communities, desire change: they long for adequate food, good health, education, and a secure life. They feel hopeless in their current situation, but lack the knowledge and resources to change. They deserve to live a life free from poverty


1. Slums & Rural Women Economic Empowerment

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Early Childhood Development

4. Education

5. Sports and Social Engagements


Actively and sustainably develop vulnerable women and children through education and  by diversifying their income streams, to increase their economic viability through the creation of an environment that promotes social change in enhancing their livelihoods


Our vision is see a world where disadvantaged women living in slums and marginalized areas in Africa are valued in society and empowered to create sustainable and impactful change.