UCESCO has increased the coverage of education services, improved the quality of education, and narrowed gaps for disadvantaged Girls  (UCESCO Daycare, Primary and Secondary Schools). Community schools are managed entirely by UCESCO volunteers in rural and marginalized areas that lack regular schools.

We also develop sporting talent for our girls to practice sports. After identifying talent, we create a team and bring structure and staff to help their players reach the top. professional structure to that team a professional structure and staff, to help Some already established teams include, “The UCESCO Panthers” of Kibera, the UCESCO soccer team, Table Tennis Champions, Netballers, and Basketballers. We are obligated to provide snacks, clean water, and female hygiene products at every practice and match. As well as this, we offer small stipends once monthly to support their families

UCESCO is also partially supporting interventions in education with its own resources and those of other donor funds. The program is focused primarily on disadvantaged girls. We provide high-quality education and approximately 61% of the children (primarily girls) received a full scholarship to study in our school. However, in order to support them with at least one meal a day as well as with critical infrastructure, classrooms, school buses, and building construction, we need more donations.

Education is the only ladder available  to help our girls climb out of poverty and live independent lives. UCESCO plans to create a bright future for 7158 girls annually in the villages and urban slums to pursue quality education, holistic development through sports, and nutritious lunches. As well as this, UCESCO is currently providing support to 30 government schools and impacting 40,000+ Girls in other parts of Kenya through our work with health and hygiene.

Our goal is that any child passing through our school system will be enabled to realize their full potential in any field they choose through good quality education. This is the key to lifting them and their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty

1,172 Girls have accessed our free, high quality primary school (Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8) and secondary level. we saw UCESCO Girls Panthers Rugby Club students from Kibera shine! at the national competition.

122 Women who lack basic literacy and numeracy skills were enrolled in our Adult Literacy Program to enable them obtain the necessary education and certifications required to move forward in the job market

1,158 children enrolled in daycare programs at Light and Hope UCESCO Early Childhood Development (ECD Center), in the Mathare slums for safety and stimulating early learning environment for them, ages 5 and under who are experiencing or at high risk of developmental delays. Mum and caregivers of the children enrolled in our ECD program participate in workshops on the importance of parent involvement in their child’s education.